5 Reasons You Need A New Roof In Worcester

There are many things that a homeowner must do to keep their house in excellent condition. One of them is keeping their roofs inspected annually. However, since the roof is on top of the house and out of sight, it’s easy to forget about it. Unfortunately, negligence is the reason why so many homeowners end up needing an entire roof installed.

Failing to get regular inspections and fixing problems when they are small can add up to more significant issues. For example, small cracks and missing shingles that would have only cost a few hundred dollars when they surfaced may turn into thousands of dollars. This is because the cracks and missing shingles may have damaged the roof decking and caused leaks. The homeowner will need to replace the roof, remediate the mold, and fix the drywall.

Damage isn’t the only time a roof will need to be replaced, however. Here are some of the common reasons that a homeowner will need a new roof installed by roofing contractors Worcester, MA.

Microorganisms Have Destroyed Your Old Roof

A homeowner in Worcester may need a new roof because the roof has moss, lichen, or algae growing on it. Moss is green-colored, while lichen is usually white crust-like patches. Algae is black, and it looks like a stain spreading over the roof. However, all of these are living microorganisms. These growths are typically present when there is a moisture problem with the roof. They extend all over the roof, causing damage that eventually leads to premature roof replacement.

Damages from microorganisms not only destroy shingles but can also destroy the roof decking and allow moisture into the home. Not only will homeowners have to pay up to $12,000 to solve the roof problem, but they may have to pay a couple of thousand dollars for mold remediation if mold is present. They will also have to pay up to an additional thousand dollars to fix the ceiling. Thus, these seemingly harmless growths on the roof can lead to some very costly problems. And worst of all, since these growths usually indicate a homeowner’s neglect, home insurance policies won’t likely cover the damages.

Current Shingles Are Missing or Severely Damaged

Microorganisms can lead to premature roof replacement, but sometimes the shingles on the house can be damaged due to changes in the weather. Severe dry spells can cause the shingles to start to crack and fall off the house. Once this happens, it leaves the decking open to moisture. Thus, these extremities in the weather cause a host of problems with the roof, leading to replacement. The most significant cause of cracked or missing shingles is black algae. This black-colored organism eats away at the shingles, particularly asphalt shingles removing the UV protection layer from them. Therefore, when the sun shines on the home, this dries out the shingles, making them brittle. Aging can also cause the shingles to become brittle and start to crack.

There Are Many Stains Showing Inside Your Home

Missing shingles or cracked shingles can expose the roof decking. Over time, this exposure can cause the wood to rot. The wood rot may leave holes in the roof that allow rain and snow to get into the home. Whenever there is precipitation, the roof will absorb water into the ceiling of the house. Eventually, the homeowner will start to see yellow or brown spots on the ceiling of their home. Long-term leaks may even cause mold buildup, which can affect the home’s air quality, leading to illness. Before roof contractors can work on the roof or carpenters can replace the ceiling, the mold issue will need to be remediated for safety reasons.

Current Roof Has Reached Its Lifetime Limit

Sometimes a homeowner will need a roof replaced simply because it has reached its lifetime limit. Keeping the roof cleaned, inspected, and repaired regularly will undoubtedly keep the roof in good condition and possibly extend the lifetime warranty on roofs which is different for each roof type. However, at some point, old roofs will need to be replaced. For asphalt, the lifetime warranty is up to 20 years. Tile roofs typically last 50 years. Slate and metal have a very long lifetime of 100 years or more. Although some of these roof types last a long time, if the homeowner purchased a house from a buyer and the roof already has been in place for some time, the new homeowner may have to replace the roof.

Finish An Attic

Another time when homeowners will need to replace roofs is when they want to finish an attic. For example, they may want to create a living space in the attic for an older child or create additional space as an entertainment room or a man cave in the attic. If they can attain a permit to raise a roof to add more space to walk around in the attic comfortably, homeowners will likely need a new roof to accommodate the changes.

There are many reasons homeowners in Worcester may need a new roof. Some reasons may be due to negligence or general wear and tear. Still, other causes may be related to the homeowner’s personal needs due to a growing family. Whatever the reason necessary for replacing the roof in Worcester, it is good to know that homeowners can count on roofing companies in Worcester like Worcester Roofing Pros to help with their new roof.

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