Causes and Overcoming Car Windshield Damage

The windshield of the car is prone to damage. There are many types of damage to the windshield of the car, ranging from scratches, cracks, to breaking. As a daily car user, you need to recognize the type of damage and how to prevent it.

The matter of how to repair damaged glass can indeed be found easily, such as on the internet. Indeed, these tips look easy and simples to do. However, you must remember that besides the quality of glass which is not necessarily the same, glass damage can vary, so it cannot be completely repaired in the same way. If the windshield of your car is damaged, it is better to take it to the windshield replacement Tempe.

Berets Due to Wiper

Actually, the normal condition wiper will not cause damage to the glass. But under certain conditions, wipers who become “friends” when it rains will turn into the main enemy of the glass.

How to prevent scratches on the windshield?

  • Do not immediately activate the wiper when it rains in a state not too heavy. Hard and small impurities that are not visible to the eye often stick to the glass even on the wipers themselves, which can cause scratches. Before activating the wipers, spray water washer several times into the glass to prevent the emergence of berets.
  • Do not let the rubber wiper stick to the glass when parking in a place exposed to direct sunlight. The heat absorbed by the wiper rubber has the potential to damage the surface of the rubber so that it will later cause a beret.
  • Check the condition of the rubber wiper regularly. Replace immediately when you see signs of the rubber is no longer elastic.

Crack or Break

Damage to the glass usually depends on how much energy on an item that damages the glass. There are many things that cause the windshield to crack or break, such as:

  • Stone or Gravel – No matter how strong your windshield is, even gravel has the power to damage it. Prevent this by providing a safe distance between your car and the front car, especially when using high speed when driving.
  • Damaged road – Cars that are too fast past the uneven contoured road alias potholes will produce excessive shaking and unbalanced to the body so that the pressure can break the windshield. Prevent by adjusting the speed of the car slower every time you pass an uneven road.
  • Defogger – Fog in the glass is indeed disturbing the view. However, if you activate the defogger continuously, you trigger an increase in temperature on some glass surfaces. This unbalanced increase in temperature indicates the existence of parts of the glass that expand so that there is damage to the glass. You can prevent it by using a defogger.

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