Don’t Be Wrong! Know 8 Types of Power Cables and Choose as Needed

Electricity is a major requirement in every home. Through the flow of electricity from various types of electrical cables, you can operate electronic devices, turn on the lights, to use other simple functions such as charging cell phones and using fans.

Consisting of various models, each type of cable has its own advantages and functions to be adjusted according to needs. Each type of cable below has its own advantages to be adjusted according to your needs. For those of you who want to do a high voltage electrical installation, make sure you ask for expert help like Electrician Colorado Springs so that it is done safely and not dangerous.

The following are various types of electrical cables that you can choose according to your needs.

HIS Power Cord

The first type of electrical cable is the NYA which is used in household installations and power systems. This NYA power cable has a size of 1.5 mm2 and 2.5 mm2 with a single core and coated PVC with red, blue, yellow and black for external installation.

Ideally, this type of NYA cable is used as aerial cable because it is very thin, easily torn and not waterproof. You can also install additional PVC pipes to be safe from rat bites.

NYM Power Cord

Meanwhile, this type of NYM power cable is used for electrical installations in residential or building, consisting of two, three or four cores and is equipped with PVC insulation as much as two layers so it is much safer than NYA power cables. This type of NYM power cable can be used in a wet or dry environment, but cannot be planted.

NYY Power Cord

The NYY type of power cable consists of two, three, and four cores with copper material insulated with PVC. NYY power cables are very safe to be planted in the ground because the insulator is strong and thick.

Having a black color, this type of electrical cable is also waterproof. However, you should still coat the NYY power cable with additional pipes, especially for high-voltage electricity.

NYAF Power Cord

This type of NYAF power cable is used for home electrical installations in panels that require high flexibility and are suitable for areas with sharp turns. This type of cable has copper material with PVC insulation and should be used in a dry environment and not affected by direct weather.

Type of Power Cord NYFGbY/NYRGbY/NYBY

Next is the NYFGbY/NYRGbY/NYBY electrical cable which is used for underground installations and does not require additional protection if it does not cross the road. Preferably, the depth of installation of this type of cable is 0.8 meters in the ground.

NYC Power Cord

It has excellent resistance to a variety of weather conditions, this type of cable is very suitable for use in the ground, indoors, to the outdoors. NYC cables consist of concentric conductors that have been coated by cable CU tape and are sold at relatively high prices.

NYMHYO Power Cord

Next up is the NYMHYO power cable which consists of two fiber cores. This type of cable is widely used for household electronic equipment that requires low currents such as a sound system, audio-video cable, and so on.

Type NYMHY/NYYHY Power Cord

Finally, the NYMHY power cord has white characteristics and the NYYHY power cord is black. This type of cable has several PVC-insulated fiber cores, used in household appliances with 900 watts of power down with the advantage of not being easily broken and having high flexibility.

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