Why the Purple Mattress Is Still a Customer Favorite

The makers of the original Purple mattress designed it to provide unprecedented support and comfort. The company recently introduced three new models that offer extra features. Fans of the original are searching online for more mattress info so they can decide which of the three new styles suits them best. Many are attracted by new thickness levels that offer different comfort levels as well as minimal sinkage and motion transfer.

New Mattresses Include Smart Grids

Purple’s newest offerings still use its patented Smart Comfort Grid. The grid uses scientific principles to provide sleepers with soft areas where they want them and firm areas where it is important. All the latest mattresses adapt to users’ pressure points and provide exceptionally comfortable sleep. The mattresses eliminate many sleep problems by using a system that aligns the spine no matter what position users sleep in. Surfaces remain temperature-neutral due to the grid design and hyper-elastic polymer surfaces.

Three Styles Means Custom Comfort

Mattress shoppers are also enticed by the fact that each of the new mattresses offers a different comfort level. That makes it easy for customers to find a mattress that is ideal for their needs. Purple 2 includes a two-inch polymer grid, while Purple 3 offers a deeper three inches. Purple 4 includes four plush inches of polymer grid. Each product also provides a spring system. All mattresses provide a soft and firm sleeping experience at the same time. The deeper the model, the more luxurious and plush it feels.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer Are Controlled

Fans of Purple mattresses also like the fact that each one reduces sinkage and motion transfer. Sinkage describes the amount that a sleeper sinks into a mattress. Too much can be too soft for comfort while no sinkage may feel hard and board like. Since Purple mattresses 2, 3, and 4 offer exceptional support, sinkage is minimal. However, the Purple 4 is the softest and has more give than the others. Each product also reduces motion transfer. That means two sleepers on the same mattress are barely disturbed when one or the other moves.

Purple comfort mattresses have introduced three new versions that allow sleepers to personalize their sleep experience. Each mattress has a supportive Smart Grid and minimizes sinkage and transfer.

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