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A Clear Guide to Follow During the Purchase of a Yorkshire Terrier

It is always the dream of almost every person to one day own a pet. Dogs make it to the most kept pets around the world due to their friendly behavior towards humans. There are numerous types of dogs which have unique characteristics. This is an example of the many breeds of dogs we have on the current market. It is characterized by its small size thus making it more appealing to keep it as a pet. The dog has a grey, black and tan coat which makes it look more adorable. You should not be surprised when you find yourself buying one when you never had the intentions to buy one due to the playful and friendly behavior of these dogs. When you finally make the plan on buying one there are a number of considerations that you should always make before making the initial purchase that you can read more about here.

You should decide if you either want a female or male Yorkshire Terriers. There are variations in peoples preferences where some prefer one gender over the other. Determine the gender of your choice so as to ensure that you buy the right choice that suits you. The attention demanded by a female dog is more than that required for a male dog. You should check how well you can provide care for the dog in terms of the cost and your personal time.

Find out how many days the puppy has been in existence since they were born. You have the choice to either buy a young Yorkshire Terriers dog or an old one. Having a puppy as a pet is more advantageous than going for the already grown up dogs. The age should be one of the most basic things that you should ask for from the breeder you want to purchase from. The suitable age bracket for buying puppies is between ten to twelve weeks.

Seek to establish how well the puppy is in terms of its health. Do some basic health checks on the puppy so as to ascertain that the puppy is of great health. When you purchase an ill puppy you are likely to incur some losses as you try to find the necessary treatment for your pet. Only make a purchase when you are comfortable with the health condition of the puppy you want to buy.

Make an effort to always observe the location in which the breeder is keeping their dogs. The Yorkshire terrier should always be kept indoor. This is because a pet ought to be inside the house and not outside. In case the puppies are kept outside it may be hard to contain the puppies inside the house once you buy them. You may lose your lovely pet forever in case they find their way out.

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