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Some Information about Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a sport that involves the throwing of an Axe to target which has a bull’s-eye and intentions of the competitors will be hitting the bull’s-eye or anywhere near it in order to get points. Axe throwing is our fun filled activity that is perfect for date nights, a night out with family or friends, an evening out with co-workers and even for teambuilding. A 36 inches wide target with five rings which are 4 inches wide each well describes the target of Axe throwing. You can make a target by yourself at home if you have a bit of carpentry skills and this can be done by accessing wood from a local timber store which will however be particularly difficult as it will take you a lot of time to be able to come out with a perfect target and it is therefore recommended that you access the sport in a local restaurant. It is more fun to go out with friends and family to enjoy the sport as it is a good chance for people to bond together as they make fun.

The history of Axe throwing goes back to the Stone Age where month produced some of the oldest best-known tools that are useful for their daily living. The oldest tools had one that looked like an axe and it is generally made of stone which makes it difficult to place an Axe head on due to the lack of a shaft. The advent of the Iron Age brought about axes that had holes with the handle to make it easier for use. Former civilizations that were within the Iron Age employee the use of the iron axes in war as it was an effective killing tool. The invention of a target from which to throw an axe to came with the use of axes in combat from which soldiers practiced using the axes by throwing them on a target that they invented which was a representative of an opening to the face in the field of war and this will be a good guideline on how good they are in throwing the Axe at the enemy.

It is only recently that the throwing Axe has been retrieved as an old soldier technique to be given another use that is of recreation.

Besides the techniques and the fun that comes with Axe throwing, safety should come first especially when you’re dealing with your friends and loved ones. A safe distance is 6 feet away from the area that surrounds the target as this will ensure that nobody gets hurt during the sport. Another safety measure is ensuring that the blood is not too sharp as you will be running the risk of getting yourself or anyone who will be engaging in the sport.

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