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All about the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire is a very little dog; however, their great personalities make up for this. For the dog, the size is not a very big issue and they barely even notice it; their enthusiasm can match that of much larger dogs. They are very great attention seekers, and they absolutely love affection, this does not mean that they cannot be very stubborn at times. Their interest and the rate at which they get mischievous is something that can be anticipated from a greater dog and not the charming terrier. The Yorkshire Terrier is a fantastically friendly breed which makes it an ideal companion. Even though they are very small, they are quite fearless and can get very bold. They also get very involved when playing with toys and they are very entertained by them. This breed can also be exceptionally affectionate yet defensive of their family and won’t hesitate to bark should they think they are in danger. This defensive nature of theirs means that they are very wonderful watchdogs. Them being a great watchdog is very nice, but in doing so, they bark very much and get into it. Yorkshire Terriers will bark a great deal so if this is something that you don’t like, maybe you ought to reevaluate your decision.

This breed of dogs is very friendly, and they relate very well to children, but it is a much better relationship if they were brought up together. It is in their tendency to be friendly to kids; however, if they are treated wrongly, they can get angry and be quite dangerous to children. The child needs to see how to play appropriately with the pooch and not mishandle or tease the dog regardless of whether they do this unknowingly. Any unfriendly conduct makes the dog angry, and the result could be awful. This breed tends not to get on well with animals except if they grew up together so be watchful while introducing them. If you need it to interact with another creature, guarantee that they are socialized extremely well before trying. They especially don’t like cats and rats. Most dogs have it in their nature to hunt these creatures so it might be difficult to get them to get along.

They catch on quickly in their training because they are creatures that are very cunning. Although the terrier is just small, they require a reasonable piece of activity to keep them happy. One 15 minute walk every day should get the job done. If there are days when this isn’t a possibility for you, you can get him loads of toys that will keep him entertained until you can take them on a walk again. They don’t shed hair; however, it is great practice to keep them prepped and clip them now and again. Their hair should frequently be brushed else it will get tangled and matted.

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